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Iceni Townscape provide robust support in assessing the existing townscape environment and exploring opportunity for development within this context.

How new development can appropriately contribute to the existing urban form is an exciting aspect of how our cities and places evolve, becoming part of the future townscape in which we explore, work, live and enjoy. Our experienced team hold a broad range of specialisms including architecture and urban design, and we have forged strong relationships with local planning authorities, visualisations specialists, architects and statutory organisations.

These strengths have resulted in us helping to identify and deliver creative design solutions, which integrate new design within a site’s existing composition most appropriately, while also adding value to the site. Townscape is a specialism within its own right, but by its nature benefits from an understanding of the layering of heritage which is intrinsic to understanding its characteristics. The collaborative approach of our respective teams, townscape and heritage, is advantageous in gaining on hand expert insight into the complexity of a scheme.

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