Economics is Iceni’s newest specialist team. The interface between our daily lives, the economy, property and housing markets has never been more important. We need to deliver the right homes in the right places, rejuvenate our high streets, facilitate growth in digital and e-commerce, make our economies resilient and ensure we have the workforce to do so. Iceni understands interactions between employment, demographics and property markets and has a national capability in providing specialist advice to support plan making, site promotion and making the case for development and infrastructure.

We’ve brought together leading individuals in this area who are trusted advisors to the private and public sector from promotion and application to Local Plan evidence and expert witness. We have worked with or across over 150 local planning authorities.

Our core services cover:
•Housing market and need assessment
•Five year land supply assessment
•Economic impact assessment and development case making
•Social value assessment
•Commercial property market assessment
•Employment land economies needs evidence
•Employment, skills and training strategies
•Economic development advice
•Business case development and funding bid support


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