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Ian’s blog was born out of a need to ensure a) that should the reader not like what he says, we can blame it on him – and not the whole of Iceni (at least that’s what the lawyers told us to say), and b) if its drivel, it’s his drivel. Ian normally write about planning and development – albeit that’s not a given. Given the choice, he’d just as merrily espouse about football. It’s debatable what he knows least about…

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The threat of compromise
Beige. An insipid, non-descript colour that pleases nobody, but rarely offends. The doyen of property doer-uppers, who seek to create a ‘blank canvas’ for the next plucky occupier, rathe... Read more
We’re thinking of you
Some of you would have read Peter Murray's evocative and powerful email earlier this week on behalf of the NLA. Like the NLA, Iceni are now fifteen years old.  Like the NLA, we officially o... Read more
Baby its cold outside…
Saturday 7th December marked the Evening Standard and Crisis’ ‘The Big Sleepout’ in Trafalgar Square. Sufficiently inspired as we were to make a contribution to the cause, The Anderson... Read more
He’s one of our own…
Declan Rice has finally announced that he is to commit his international future to England, having previously declared for Ireland. As a West Ham season ticket holder, I can say with confide... Read more
The Wombles of … Farringdon
It pains me that hardly anybody under the age of 40 has heard of The Wombles. For me, they were a quintessential part of childhood, and the theme tune alone takes me back to distant memories... Read more
We need to talk about Bruce…
Let me tell you about Bruce*. He’s the sort of bloke every office needs. He’s chirpy, always positive, enthusiastic about his work, and above all, he backs himself. If he’s at the race... Read more