The (UK) Office
I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been re-watching old episodes of ‘The Office’ (whether UK or US version) during lockdown to try to make up for the lack of real office time at t... Read more
On the Road Again…
The AA have reported that roadside repairs are back up to 80% of their normal levels. Drive-through Covid-19 centres are ramping up across the UK and have become one of the Government’s pr... Read more
The Rise of Health in Planning
Health and wellbeing has never been more important to our world. In the face of the “new normal” we are becoming increasingly aware of how crucial it is for people to live and work in p... Read more
Advancing the past into the future
There is distinct evidence within the archaeological archives that many significant technological advances in history came about as a reaction to a catastrophe or a significant threat. Human... Read more
Response, Recovery and Re-Imagination
Even with a shock like Covid-19, it will take time to determine the “new normal” as we continuously learn more about the virus. Disruption of this scale is sure to alter behaviours and w... Read more
Now is the time to take control.
Never has there been a better or more important time to take control and upskill in managing our own wellbeing; both individually, and as an organisation. Every single one of us is affect... Read more