Our lifestyles, the climate, technology, politics, the environment and the economic landscape are constantly changing. Sometimes change happens to us, sometimes change happens because of us.

Change can bring threats as well and opportunities, it can be both daunting and inspirational.

Iceni Futures can enable you to understand, drive and capitalise on that change.  

Iceni Futures: Smarter Sustainability

Futures Strategic Advice

We provide strategic advice which is tailored to your site, company strategy or product. Our advice is bespoke in terms of output, whether it be a focus on climate change, new ways of living and building, new legislation, health and wellbeing or technological advancements, the Futures team can provide customised solutions.

Futures Initiatives and Approaches

We understand the importance of elevating our existing ways of working and challenging current development processes and standards. Internally the Futures team integrate cutting-edge technology and advanced working practices which make the development process more effective and efficient for our clients. The team also work collaboratively with clients and partners to develop and integrate the latest products and systems into the development process.

Sustainable Development Services

We provide tailored guidance and leadership on development projects, ensuring sustainable development is considered at all stages of the building lifecycle. We also provide the following specific services: Sustainability Action Plans, Energy Analysis, Sustainability Strategies, Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing, Flood Risk and Sustainable Drainage and Waste and Recycling strategies.

Case Studies

The Sustainable Development Scorecard
The Sustainable Development Scorecard is a means of assessing a development’s contribution to the social, economic and environmental pillars
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Future Growth Strategy
Redeveloping land for 10,000 new homes is a 30 to 40 year journey, which requires foresight and a vision for the future.
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Compass Park
A new garden community for Bushey, providing a lasting legacy of care, education and lifetime homes, and a unique response to the climate emergency
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The Road To 2030
After much speculation in the press, on 18th November the government confirmed their commitment to bringing forward the ban on the sale of petrol and ... Read more
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