The Sustainable Development Scorecard

The Sustainable Development Scorecard is a means of assessing a development’s contribution to the social, economic and environmental pillars of sustainable development, as defined by the National Planning Policy Framework.

Iceni’s Futures team is known for its innovative approaches to sustainability assessment. The team was responsible for the development of the Sustainable Development Scorecard (, a free-at-point-of-use website, designed to quantitatively assess built environment projects against economic, social and environmental sustainability as defined by the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Scorecard provides a framework for planners, developers, local authorities and communities to engage in; to assess and improve a scheme’s response to sustainable development principles systematically, turning conflict into collaboration.

The Scorecard is designed to provide a legacy of holistic sustainability, that goes beyond the design and construction phases, putting sustainability at the heart of the operational phase of the project.

The Scorecard was the recipient for the Technological Innovation of the Year at the 2018 London Construction Awards, and was shortlisted for an Innovation award at the RTPI awards 2019.

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