Iceni Projects.

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Combining drone and 360° photography and video we create virtual experiences to give clients and design teams, officers and stakeholders the insights into a site or location historically only possible to learn through a real-world site visit.

When Tomorrow Comes

With a new episode every Friday morning, we look to the future to try understand what is the new normal. Iceni Futures and the wider business share their insights, vision and dry wit via the medium of webcam.


The (UK) Office
I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been re-watching old episodes of ‘The Office’ (whether UK or US version) during lockdown to try to make up for the lack of real office time at the moment. I for one miss the various chit chats, laughs and... Read more
On the Road Again…
The AA have reported that roadside repairs are back up to 80% of their normal levels. Drive-through Covid-19 centres are ramping up across the UK and have become one of the Government’s preferred choice of testing. And pop-up drive-through cinemas ... Read more
Could Sustainable Planning prevent another crisis?
The Government is dealing with an unprecedented crisis. In order to avert a healthcare disaster, drastic steps have been taken to keep people safe. These steps were taken almost overnight, with the Government mobilising thousands of workers to equip ... Read more