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Iceni Year Book 2019

Our annual retrospective review of the exciting things that have happened in 2019 – clients’ successes, Iceni’s own Insight and more. From archeology in practice to the impact of Plan-tech and building better ‘places’ to work rest and play.


Can the High Street be saved?
This summer I went on a staycation through the English countryside and villages. Rounding a corner, I was suddenly shocked by a sight that has been lost for so long that it has been declared … DEAD! Behold a High Street! It may sound dramatic, ... Read more
A sea change in school delivery is happening…
Last week, in the cosy setting of The Ivy Soho Brasserie, Iceni co-hosted the Housing x Education – Joined-up Delivery Breakfast Seminar with Architecture Initiative. Not only was the food of fantastic quality, so, in my view, was the content. The ... Read more
Create more value, put community participation at the heart of placemaking
The definition of placemaking, what it is and what it isn’t, and whether it is something a community should welcome, has long been debated. Regardless of your views on what it is, placemaking is unquestionably being given greater attention by both ... Read more