Iceni Projects.

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Combining drone and 360° photography and video we create virtual experiences to give clients and design teams, officers and stakeholders the insights into a site or location historically only possible to learn through a real-world site visit.

When Tomorrow Comes

With a new episode every Friday morning, we look to the future to try understand what is the new normal. Iceni Futures and the wider business share their insights, vision and dry wit via the medium of webcam.


The Increase in Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
During the current pandemic, many local authorities have been making alterations to roads and streets across the country to help encourage sustainable travel. However, these changes have not only divided opinion in many areas, but also been highly co... Read more
The road to 2050. How real estate will change in the next 30 years
The government has set out an ambitious target for the UK to be net zero carbon by 2050, and this will inevitably have a wider impact on how we approach development. In analysing the roadmap to achieving this goal it’d be nonsensical to consider th... Read more
Iceni Futures Event
Thank you for confirming you are unable to attend the event, we will keep you in mind for any future events.... Read more