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Iceni Year Book 2019

Our annual retrospective review of the exciting things that have happened in 2019 – clients’ successes, Iceni’s own Insight and more. From archeology in practice to the impact of Plan-tech and building better ‘places’ to work rest and play.


Human remains and archaeology: when is it ok to dig up the dead?
The ethics of how, when and why human remains are excavated to facilitate development is subject to ongoing debate. At present, the treatment of human remains is protected by law, specifically the Burial Act of 1857 and the disused Burial Grounds Act... Read more
The whip hand of development viability…
As Local Plans progress in the NPPF2 world, post 2018, the impact on land values is beginning to catch out developers who are being stuck with undeliverable or unprofitable, planning consents. Increasingly the viability policies and review mechanisms... Read more
Chris Pincher replaces Esther McVey as Housing Minister
So there we have it. As expected, Esther McVey was booted out as Housing Minister in last week’s reshuffle after only 7 months in the job. Unfortunately, we have become used to welcoming a new Housing Minister under the Conservatives, somewhat cont... Read more