Can the High Street be saved?
This summer I went on a staycation through the English countryside and villages. Rounding a corner, I was suddenly shocked by a sight that has been lost for so long that it has been declared... Read more
The drones are coming (?)
Across the world, drone technology is rapidly advancing, from the recently unveiled world’s first passenger Vertiport in Singapore, to cargo drones delivering medical supplies in China, Sw... Read more
Re-imagining open and play space
There is a new development near me where a playground has been stuck on the end, in an enclosed space, away from line of sight and busy thoroughfares. Seemingly an afterthought. It is no won... Read more
Archaeology and the planning process
It is somewhat surprising to think that it is only since 1990, with PPG16, that archaeology has been a material consideration in the planning process. Before this time, the decision to under... Read more