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The London Plan is Published
The new London Plan was formally published by the Mayor on 2nd March 2021. It has been an especially fraught and politically protracted process this time around and Sadiq Khan ... Read more
Property Market Outlook for 2021
2020 was one bumpy ride for property markets. We take a look under the hood of the economy to see what might be in store for 2021, and what that might mean for planning and development. T... Read more
Design Codes for all
The Government’s recent announcement on the proposed changes to the NPPF and the National Design Guide (2019) places a greater emphasis on designing places that are beautiful as well as mo... Read more
What’s next for cycle parking?
With the increasing trend in cycling as a means of commuter transport, further fuelled by Covid-19 and the new lockdown, do we need to push harder to provide additional or alternative cycle ... Read more