Iceni Futures

Iceni Futures stands at the forefront of the planning industry by seeking to understand and predict how places will function in the future, the challenges they may face, and what technological solutions are available to improve the quality of decision making, planning consultancy advice and ultimately placemaking. Read about our endeavours and research in our insights below and get it touch if you want to find out more.

Welcome to the Future
Our lifestyles, the climate, technology, politics, the environment and the economic landscape are constantly changing. Last year we were tackling Brexit, this year we’re working through th... Read more
The Future is…Iceni
We have all heard the buzzwords. PropTech, Smart Cities, PlanTech…the list could go on. Throughout 2019 there was a wave of excitement surrounding all of these areas which sought to captur... Read more
The drones are coming (?)
Across the world, drone technology is rapidly advancing, from the recently unveiled world’s first passenger Vertiport in Singapore, to cargo drones delivering medical supplies in China, Sw... Read more