27B Belfast Road

Modern 2 storey roof extension to existing 5 storey former printworks to deliver share office and living space

Working closely with Studio Verve Architects, Iceni Built Heritage & Townscape advised on the modern design approach to the historic former printworks, resulting in a contrasting but complimentary modern addition in zinc cladding.

The locally listed building is located next to a Conservation Area and required thorough visual impact assessment to support and justify the additional floors to the already substantial industrial building. This was achieved through a clever proposed roof form and raised existing parapet.

The Belfast Road area is well-known locally for a strong community of young artists, designers, writers and musicians. The creative communities on Belfast Road include Zero Belfast Road (studio/gallery complex) and Campbell Works Community Interest Company (arts, entertainment & creative). The proposal was considered to provide much needed additional workspace and living space in Hackney through positive consultation with the local community and creative industries.

The proposed additional workspaces are specifically designed to cater for the creative community’s increasing demands for co-working; structures that encourage creativity, collaboration and embrace flexibility.

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