When Tomorrow Comes

Episode 10 – The Future of Office Space

The future of office space episode…

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Episode 9 – The One About the Car

The Car is Dead. Long Live the Car…

– – –

Episode 8 – The Sustainability one

The Sustainability one. Proof that the green economy is alive and well…

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Episode 7 – The Archaeology One

The Archaeology one. Like Raiders of the Lost Arc in a hi-viz jacket…

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Episode 6 – Analogue to Digital

The analogue to digital episode: the art of using video without looking like a 1980’s power-ballad on MTV…

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Episode 5 – The Death of the High Street

The Retail Issue: Two Ians, two Scots, two women, two baldies; should we send for an ark?

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Episode 4 – 5G

The 5G episode: That’s next-gen communications rather than the end of year review of Mrs Miggins’ class of 2020…

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Episode 3 – The Week 3 Itch

The week 3 itch. Join us for When Tomorrow Comes. Special guests include James Pereira QC and Zita Wa-Tulyahikayo.

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Episode 2 – Local Authority Virtual Working

The roll-neck jumper episode. Also, some chat about those authorities that are virtually working, and old and new approaches to communication.

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Episode 1 – All Change

Welcome to the first of Iceni’s weekly vlogs! We’ll be discussing the latest issues in planning and development and how the industry is adapting to these unprecedented times.