Paul McColgan


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Paul specialises in Housing-related evidence base work for both the private and public sectors. He has a strong grounding in demographics, affordable housing need and housing market signals.

His project management experience includes studies for Leicester and Leicestershire, the PUSH authorities, South Downs National Park, Liverpool City Council, and Harrogate District Council.

Paul has given evidence and supported Oxford, Eastleigh, Waverley, Harrogate, Reading, among others on housing matters at the Examination in Public of their Local Plans. He has also given evidence at several S.78 enquiries for the Council in NW Leicestershire, RBWM and Harrogate and for the private sector in Shropshire, Huntingdonshire and Chelmsford.

Paul recently presented to the Midlands Planners Conferences and provided training to RTPI members concerning the standard methodology and the Housing Delivery Test.

Having undertaken a number of Employment Land Review and HEDNAs, Paul also has a thorough understanding on the linkages between housing and employment as well as the need for employment land.

Paul’s involvement is far-reaching and includes the needs for specific groups particularly older persons and students, demographic analysis, market signals, affordable housing need and recommending an appropriate housing mix.

He has a thorough understanding of the NPPF and Planning Practice Guidance relating to housing needs assessments, older persons and specific groups. He has also produced standalone studies examining the need for specific groups including older persons and students.