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We’re proud to say that we’re an award winning consultancy. We’ve a positive, creative mindset, and we’re passionate about what we do. We believe putting those things together delivers success – for us, but more importantly, for our clients and stakeholders.

Our people provide specialist advice in the fields of delivery, design, engagement, heritage, planning, sustainable development and transportation. They are talented, relentless, intelligent, bold and experienced. Individually or collectively, you’ll know when you’re with Iceni.

We are incredibly lucky to be trusted by our clients to look after their projects. And we take that responsibility seriously. We always endeavour to return them to their owners, and their communities, as they would wish to find them.

Recent posts.

Amid the Northern Rail chaos, the North has found its voice

The spectacular meltdown of the North’s transport network continues following the introduction of the new nationwide timetable over two weeks ago. Northern Rail’s services have become so unreliable that a creative group of frustrated travellers ha...


Posted 13/06/2018

by Zak Deakin

Green Belt and Braces

The proportion of new homes built in Green Belt land doubled between 2015/16 and 2016/17 as was widely reported this last week. The MHCLG figures show that four percent of new homes were built on the Green Belt, compared to two percent the previou...


Posted 06/06/2018

by Zak Deakin

Pedestrianisation is a land use issue too

Despite support from the Mayor of London, Westminster City Council have recently put the proposals to pedestrianise Oxford Street on hold. Whilst this may be a politically motivated move, it may also be a good time to reflect on what we aim to ach...


Posted 01/06/2018

by Alice Hawkins

We’re a tribe for a reason. We support one another, and we want to support you. If you want to maximise your own and others’ potential, give us a shout.

We currently have immediate requirements for planners (from graduate to Director level) and transport planners (from technician to Director level). We’re also always keen to hear from others working in delivery; design; engagement; heritage; and sustainable development. Please do drop us a line, or pop in for a chat.

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