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We’re proud to say that we’re an award winning consultancy. We’ve a positive, creative mindset, and we’re passionate about what we do. We believe putting those things together delivers success – for us, but more importantly, for our clients and stakeholders.

Our people provide specialist advice in the fields of delivery, design, engagement, heritage, planning, sustainable development and transportation. They are talented, relentless, intelligent, bold and experienced. Individually or collectively, you’ll know when you’re with Iceni.

We are incredibly lucky to be trusted by our clients to look after their projects. And we take that responsibility seriously. We always endeavour to return them to their owners, and their communities, as they would wish to find them.

Recent posts.

The Future of Public-Private Partnerships

Plenty has been written about Carillion’s demise, and the fallout is set to intensify in the next few days as the shockwaves ripple through the economy. Already we have seen leading Civil Servants, such as Sir Jeremy Heywood, leap into action t...


Posted 18/01/2018

by Zak Deakin

DCLG or MHCLG: What’s in a name?

Monday’s Cabinet reshuffle was portrayed as the golden opportunity for Theresa May to put aside the turbulent ending to 2017 and achieve two things: stamp her authority on the Conservative Party after a disastrous election and regalvanise her part...


Posted 10/01/2018

by Nick Vose

So, who is the new Housing Minister?

Dominic Raab, the 16th Housing Minister in only 20 years. His predecessor, Alok Sharma, only managed 6 months in the post, the shortest tenure in the last 20 years (which includes a further 5 Ministers who didn’t last a year). So, who is Dominic R...


Posted 09/01/2018

by Patrick McNamara

We’re a tribe for a reason. We support one another, and we want to support you. If you want to maximise your own and others’ potential, give us a shout.

We currently have immediate requirements for planners (from graduate to Director level) and transport planners (from technician to Director level). We’re also always keen to hear from others working in delivery; design; engagement; heritage; and sustainable development. Please do drop us a line, or pop in for a chat.

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