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We’re proud to say that we’re an award winning consultancy. We’ve a positive, creative mindset, and we’re passionate about what we do. We believe putting those things together delivers success – for us, but more importantly, for our clients and stakeholders.

Our people provide specialist advice in the fields of delivery, design, engagement, heritage, planning, sustainable development and transportation. They are talented, relentless, intelligent, bold and experienced. Individually or collectively, you’ll know when you’re with Iceni.

We are incredibly lucky to be trusted by our clients to look after their projects. And we take that responsibility seriously. We always endeavour to return them to their owners, and their communities, as they would wish to find them.

Recent posts.

An MHCLG insiders perspective on revising the NPPF

After what seems like endless rounds of consultation and the ever-changing face of the housing minister, the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was finally published on the 24th July. By now, I imagine, most planning cons...


Posted 08/08/2018

by Ashleigh Cook

Place Skills | Rage against the machine

In a piece for Place North West Olivia Bostock of Iceni looks through the filter of Microfiche to scrutinise the challenges facing recruitment in public sector planning departments. Only four years ago I remember a fri...


Posted 07/08/2018

by Olivia Bostock

What change on Green Belt development has the revised NPPF delivered?

There was considerable attention on what the Government would do on Green Belt development when it came to the final revisions of the National Planning Policy Framework. Now we know, what is the outcome? On the challenge of demonstrating tha...


Posted 01/08/2018

by Luke Challenger

We’re a tribe for a reason. We support one another, and we want to support you. If you want to maximise your own and others’ potential, give us a shout.

We currently have immediate requirements for planners (from graduate to Director level) and transport planners (from technician to Director level). We’re also always keen to hear from others working in delivery; design; engagement; heritage; and sustainable development. Please do drop us a line, or pop in for a chat.

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