Public Sector

The constant debate about the future of the public sector and local government is a recurring theme. In times of austerity and public spending cuts, this is threatening to undermine both the capacity of the public sector to respond to a challenging economic and social climate and to both represent and respond to the diverse needs of our communities. Addressing these issues and the changing political environment on an almost daily basis means that the public sector has had to adapt and the purpose and shape of the public sector is constantly changing. The public sector will need to adapt developing innovative approaches and new strategic alliances such as closer working with the private sector to ensure that development provides for the future generations.

Iceni Projects is working closely with innovative local authorities such as Warrington and Birmingham to help deliver regeneration projects and tools such as the Sustainable Development Scorecard to achieve successful developments. We have developed close ties with and are working with NHS Trusts, Homes England and other central government agencies putting us firmly at the forefront of partnership working.

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