Stephen McLeod

Senior Archaeologist

T: 020 3725 3858 M: 07799 370 715 E:

Stephen is passionate towards interacting with local communities about the importance and wide reaching benefit of archaeology.

Stephen joined Iceni Projects as a Senior Archaeologist in the Archaeology team in March 2020, and has ten years of experience working in developer-led archaeology, with a wide ranging practical knowledge of both rural and urban archaeological sites.

Stephen has worked for numerous commercial archaeology units in Ireland and the UK. He also has experience in a range of audience engagement and training roles for museums, universities and in partnership with community outreach organisations.

Prior to joining Iceni, Stephen was as a field archaeologist with MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology), working mainly on complex urban archaeology sites within London and on large rural infrastructure projects throughout the UK. He successfully worked on projects which included the excavations at a number of Elizabethan playhouse sites in London, cemetery excavations in advance of the HS2 infrastructure schemes and a wide range of foreshore sites on The Thames Tideway tunnelling scheme.