Stephen McLeod

Project Manager

T: 020 3640 8508 M: 07799 370 715 E:

Stephen is passionate about the impact archaeology can make in securing support for planning applications and delivering public benefit

Stephen joined Iceni Projects in March 2020, having spent more than ten years in the field as a ‘dirty boots’ archaeologist for numerous commercial archaeology units in Ireland and the UK, along with working a range of research and training roles for museums, universities and in partnership with community outreach groups.

While at Iceni, he has assisted clients on a wide range of projects leading to successful applications involving complex urban development, large rural infrastructure schemes, Masterplanning with a focus on the promotion of archaeology to create a sense of place and Environmental Impact Assessment. Stephen uses his in-depth knowledge of the profession to provide pragmatic, yet innovative input into project designs.

Stephen has also created and delivered hands on engagement strategies which highlight the importance and wide-reaching benefit of archaeology, with particular attention to archaeology as a placemaking tool, allowing stakeholders and local communities to interact and enhance their understanding of the Historic Environment. As the engagement lead for the UCLHC development of the Strand Union Workhouse, Stephen has put particular focus on using inventive delivery mechanisms including, popular publications, the media and advancing archaeology within the construction and planning sector.