Rabeka Begum

Assistant Planner

T: 020 3640 8508 M: 07442 752 477 E: rbegum@iceniprojects.com

Rabeka is motivated to learn about different social, economic, political, and environmental discourses to develop her experiences within the planning field.

Rabeka has an undergraduate degree from the University of Queen Mary in Geography. She has an interest in the developing world and after a career change from working in a school, Rabeka has joined Iceni to continue her learning in the Iceni London Planning Team in January of 2023. Rabeka is currently enrolled in the Iceni apprenticeship scheme as she works and attends a day of university to complete her master’s in urban and regional planning in the University of Westminster. During this time, Rabeka is also working towards attaining her RTPI Chartership to promote good planning, lead on policy development and research and promote planning in the long-term public interest.

During her time in Iceni, Rabeka is involved in a wide range of mixed scheme projects across London and around the UK including Southwark, Luton, London Legacy Development Cooperation and supports the wider team through research and regional monitoring.

Outside of planning Rabeka enjoys spending time with her friends and family and trying different foods from around the world.