Nick Walker


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A long career as a practising architect allows Nick to work collaboratively across many disciplines as a ‘critical friend’

Nick is Iceni’s Built Heritage and Townscape Director in Scotland. He has a passion for making our cities more sustainable and more enjoyable to live in, whilst tackling inequalities within our built environment, the spaces between our buildings and the infrastructure that makes our cities function.

Nick joined Iceni to lead and grow the firm’s Built Heritage and Townscape team north of the border, bringing his comprehensive local knowledge of Scotland’s central belt cities, an understanding of statutory authorities within Scotland, and a wealth of experience of working with complex stakeholder groups, a variety of clients including many housing associations, and contractors. Nick is a team player and enjoys working collaboratively to help design teams find the best outcomes for all projects, supporting and guiding the design process in relation to heritage and townscape.

As an Architect, Nick led several multi award-winning, large scale urban regeneration and masterplanning projects, which set out to repair and regenerate the urban fabric at a city scale. Many of these projects dealt with heritage assets and complex townscape settings, and required a wide and detailed understanding of context, character, and place.

Over the last few years, Nick has become particularly concerned about how we build our cities, what we keep and what we retain, the processes involved in design and construction, and how we reduce our use of finite resources. How we think at a city, national and international level in relation to urban life and the challenges of the climate crisis is paramount to ensuring a sustainable future and Built Heritage and Townscape advice will become an increasingly important part of this future.