Madi Moraru

Head of HR

T: 020 3640 8508 M: 07966 452 094 E:

Madi is more than an integral part of Iceni – she’s woven into the very fabric of our DNA. Joining the tribe in 2005, Madi has been a steadfast supporter of the Iceni tribe, contributing significantly to its growth and success.

With an impressive tenure of 18 years, Madi’s journey with Iceni is a testament to her dedication and multifaceted expertise. She embarked on her Iceni adventure by setting up and managing crucial functions, starting with administration, finances, and human resources.

For the past decade, Madi has been at the helm of our Human Resources team. Her journey mirrors Iceni’s evolution, reflecting a shared commitment to people, places, wellbeing, growth and the collective success of our tribe.

Madi’s wealth of experience and understanding of how to build successful teams makes her an invaluable asset to the business and its growth.

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