Madi Moraru

Head of HR

T: 020 3640 8508 M: 07966 452 094 E:

Born and raised by wolves in Romania, Madi arrived in London in 2002 to make her fortune, and when Iceni Projects was established in 2005, her SRI training (Romanian KGB) made her the ideal choice as the company’s finance, administration and organisational supremo.

She is and always has been the real boss, ruling the company with an iron fist.Outside of work, Madi enjoys travel, cookery, exploring the British countryside and taxidermy.

Despite the somewhat harsh and aggressive tone she takes with the team, we are all confident that she has a real affection for the people who constantly demand a slice of her limited time. If Iceni Projects is a family (which it is), Madi is the mad Aunt who will scare the hell out of you, while also making sure you come to no harm.

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