Joel Coakeley Senior Sustainability Consultant

T: 020 3435 4214 M: 07879 818 428 E:

Joel’s in depth knowledge of his subject field allows him to deliver successful results with the clients best interests in mind

Joel has a background in environmental sustainability, tailored to focus on sustainability of the built environment. He has developed a wealth of experience across all aspects of building performance, ranging from designing and developing complex energy and sustainability strategies, assessing building daylight performance, analysing site specific flood risk and designing sustainable urban drainage systems. Further to this Joel has also had experience in designing passive design strategies based on dynamic thermal simulations.

Joel has worked on a large variety of schemes including large scale multi residential, commercial and industrial redevelopments as well as bespoke high-end single dwelling schemes. He believes that sustainable development and design should be an inherent aspect of all current and future development, with sustainability principles incorporated into early stage concept design.

He is always looking to expand his knowledge and experience, providing clients with well thought out, innovative solutions to their energy and sustainability requirements.

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