Claire Cogar


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Claire is the Director of Archaeology at Iceni Projects. Her team, composed of experts who have worked in development-led archaeology on live construction sites, specialises in delivering focused archaeological advice.

Claire has over 12 years of archaeological experience in the construction industry. Prior to joining Iceni, she worked as a Senior Project Manager for MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) and managed large excavations in Greater London and rural schemes across the UK. She has also worked on the Thames Tideway and HS2 Infrastructure schemes, as well as multi-phase public sector developments at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Guy’s Hospital, Kent Medical Campus and St Thomas’ Hospital.

Claire presented two papers on development-led archaeology at the World Archaeological Congress in Kyoto in 2016.

As Claire likes to remark, Iceni’s connection with archaeology starts with its name, taken from the Iceni, a Celtic tribe that lived in parts of Norfolk and Suffolk during the Iron Age and early Roman era. As Boudicca’s tribe, they were also known for their strong female leadership.

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