Making sense of the 2019 General Election

11 Dec 19

At Iceni Engagement we will be analysing the results and following closely the machinations over the succeeding days as a government is formed. If you have specific questions, want to know more about how your project may be impacted, or just a general overview of the opportunities and risks for the sector then we are here to help.


Are you election ready? It’s almost time to cast your vote in one of the most unprecedented general elections we’ve faced. The election campaign has certainly raised more questions than answers about the potential impact on the development sector, but Iceni are on hand to make sense of the result and what it means for you.

We have heard the parties’ policies (or lack thereof) that seek to outline their ambition for development, but we also know that domestic policy has taken somewhat of a back seat over recent years. So if we wake up on Friday with a new majority government (which is not guaranteed) we can be sure that those policies we do know about will not be enacted overnight.

We know how frustrating this uncertainty and state of limbo is for our clients.

From Labour placing their emphasis on delivering council housing and creating a new Department for Housing, to the Conservatives vowing to simplify the planning system and take an infrastructure first approach, there are big changes to the sector on the horizon.

Common to all three of the main parties, to varying degrees of conviction, is the issue of land value capture. Clearly one to watch as the public are unlikely to shed a tear for developers.

There is also a common thread among all three manifestos around devolving power to the individual or community. Whether this is helping communities to decide on its own design standards for new development; giving tenants more of a say in the management of their homes; or allowing for Citizen’s Assemblies on climate change, the emphasis on greater community involvement highlights the importance of understanding how engagement with all stakeholders can help your project succeed.

Tired of sound bites? Uncertain about what we’re likely to face on Friday? Iceni are here to help. Waking up on Friday there are no doubt going to be many questions raised about what the situation means for your specific project or sector. We want to help you with the information that matters to you.

Iceni Engagement will be closely monitoring the election and developments over the coming days and analysing what this means for development. Our in-house engagement team are at the ready to answer your questions or queries about how your project may be impacted. Phone us, tweet or email and we’ll take you through what you need to know. Or feel free to drop into our offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow and we’ll help you make sense of what these coming months may mean for you.

This could be a defining election result for a generation – are you ready?