Ambedkar House, Camden

Provided support at a Public Inquiry on behalf of the Government of Maharashtra for a museum within Camden dedicated to Dr Ambedkar

Iceni Projects were appointed by the Singhania & Co on behalf of the Government of Maharashtra to provide planning support at a public inquiry in September 2019 for a museum within Camden, also known as Ambedkar House.

The appeal was against an enforcement notice to return the museum in the former home of Dr B R Ambedkar to its previous residential use. It was recovered by the Secretary of State because it related to development of major importance having more than local significance.

Iceni argued that despite the development being contrary to the development plan, Dr Ambedkar was of national and international importance. His doctoral thesis led to the founding of the Reserve Bank of India, and he was the author of the Indian Constitution. He worked critically with the British government to bring about change, and was also massively important in improving the conditions of the ‘untouchable’ caste, and women, in India.

Based on the supporting evidence provided at the Public Inquiry which included Iceni Projects on planning matters, both the Planning Inspector and Secretary of State found the requirements of the plan to be greatly outweighed by the importance of the museum.

The outcome of the appeal decision demonstrates that despite clear conflict with the Development Plan, taking into account cultural, social and tourism policies within it, planning permission can be obtained in an appropriate case.

Iceni are now assisting in discharging the conditions relating to the application, including the submission of a Management Plan to the Council.

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