Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Iceni’s EDI Panel was formed in July 2020 with the goal of ensuring that the Company both positively promotes equality, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, and has measures in place to address any issues or inappropriate actions / behaviours.

Iceni has adopted the following Mission Statement:

At Iceni we want everyone to be themselves. We are committed to creating a culture that respects and embraces each other’s differences, that promotes dignity, equality and diversity and that encourages individuals to develop. Our challenge to ourselves, and those we work with, is to ensure that each individual knows that diversity and inclusion is their responsibility.

The EDI Panel is comprised of individuals from across the Company. The Panel meets on a monthly basis and is always striving to find ways in which we can ensure equality; improve the diversity of our people; and ensure that we maintain an inclusive environment for people to work in, the Panel makes its recommendations on an on-going basis to the Board of Directors and wider Company.

The EDI Panel’s current objectives span several areas of the business and includes:

  • Increasing and widening opportunities for individuals, particularly from under-represented groups and hard to reach communities, to gain experience and exposure to Town Planning and our other disciplines
  • Developing a programme of effective outreach to communities, schools, colleges and universities, as well as partnering with Industry Groups
  • Ensuring all staff members have been provided with and have access to the necessary EDI resources and training
  • The enhancement of internal processes, including for Recruitment and Performance Reviews