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Ian Anderson Chief Executive |

Ian is always seeking to identify opportunities to add value for his clients, and to further the growth of Iceni

Having previously been a director at Town Planning Consultancy and in turn RPS, Ian has experienced working for both private-run and PLC planning firms. In turn, Ian worked for a private property company, led by two entrepreneurs, where he both acquired sites and manged them through the planning process.

Ian has taken the key ingredients that made those businesses successful and instilled them into the fabric of Iceni: A business mind-set characterised by hard work, strategic vision, common-sense, topical awareness, and speed of thought.

Ian relishes working with clients, be that on site identification, business planning or project strategy. Ian currently works on a range of strategic, retail, and residential projects, and also serves in an advisory capacity to a number of property companies.

(T)  020 3435 4210 |(M)  07967 630 348 ianderson@iceniprojects.com

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Ian Anderson
Chief Executive

James Bompas
Director, Business Development

Andrew Gale
Chief Operating Officer

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Tim Yates
Finance Director

Clive Burbridge